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Featured Service: Security Testing

Don't wait for a breach,
test for one.

SubRosa approaches our cybersecurity assessments like the attackers do. We call on decades of experience to uncover, exploit and replicate real-world attacks in your systems. Whether it's a network, software applications, people or physical infrastructure, we uncover the vulnerabilities to help bolster your defenses and meet your business goals.

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cyber attack readiness

Cyber assessments.

Network penetration testing.

Identify and exploit vulnerabilities on your external and internal networks through authenticated and unauthenticated penetration testing.

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Application security testing.

Identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses in software applications with the intent of making them more resistant to security threats and cyber attacks.

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Social engineering penetration testing.

Social engineering exploits the weakest link in any organization: its people. We identify, test and train your workforce on a continuous basis.

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our expertise

Additional services.


Leverage real-world expertise to analyze and respond to cyber incidents.

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Cyber awareness training.

Train and test your workforce and security teams to defend against cyber attacks.

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Managed security operations.

With a managed SOC, you can quickly collect, aggregate, analyze and respond to security incidents.

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Red team

Simulate threats of a real cybersecurity attack and teach your team how to deal with them.

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Cybersecurity compliance.

Gain detailed insights into your security effectiveness through analysis of your organization.

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Third party

Assess information security risk and the potential impact on business operations posed by the supply chain.

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Cybersecurity maturity assessments.

Gain a holistic view of your organization’s people, processes and technological cybersecurity maturity.

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Physical security

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