What is SubRosa?

SubRosa Cyber Solutions solves its client’s most tenacious information security, risk and compliance challenges. We employ and partner with some of the leading risk and security experts in the industry, enabling us to deliver a multitude of services and software solutions to our clients across the globe.


SubRosa Cyber Solutions was founded with one vision: to serve  organizations in need. By addressing both niche and growing areas of the information security industry, our team of experts offer innovative ways to address and manage risk across areas of information security few have expertise in.

Our ability to aggressively pursue and deliver excellence in what we do, lies within our company ethos and pool of staff. Recruiting from a majority of former military, law enforcement and government backgrounds, the quality of our expertise stems from personnel with recent or active experience in protecting the United States from threats globally.


SubRosa Cyber Solutions originated in Northeast Ohio and serves clients in the United States, Europe and Asia.


    Industries Covered: Banking, Capital Markets, Insurers, Hedge Funds, Credit Bureaus, Loan Providers.


    Financial institutions (FIs) are among one of the most regulated industries in the United States. With an ever-changing regulatory environment, data breaches and cyber-attacks add an additional layer of concern for FIs.


    SubRosa Cyber Solutions assists with FIs to manage all areas of Information Security Risk, from operational controls to lower level, tactical controls.


    The regulatory environment for FIs is complex and ever-changing. SubRosa’s compliance subject matter experts can assist your FI in regulatory compliance with the various regulatory requirements. Please see the compliance pages for more information.


    Are you a small to mid-sized FI? SubRosa Cyber Solutions has a specific service set of solutions tailored to help you meet your needs. Please see our Small Business Solutions page for more information.



    Insurance industries are typically the lesser-regulated partners of the industries they serve. This is particularly pertinent with health insurance providers, many of whom are exempt from HIPAA but work closely with heavily regulated healthcare providers.


    Insurance providers are subject to some of the most confidential information their clients can provide, from payment information to protected health information, depending upon the industry they serve.


    For SubRosa Cyber Solutions, our services for insurance providers are focused in two main areas:


    1. Servicing the cybersecurity needs of insurance providers.


    2. Acting on behalf of insurance providers to assess the cybersecurity risk of their clients.


    Whether you are seeking cybersecurity services for your organization, or to verify the cybersecurity state of your clients, SubRosa Cyber Solutions will partner with you to ensure that an accurate risk profile is built and remediation is managed accordingly.



    The Healthcare Industry is heavily regulated and constantly changing. The last decade’s reform, combined with rapidly evolving technology has created many new challenges and opportunities for the industry, specifically in regard to compliance, and risk considerations.


    Regardless of how rapidly the industry grows and changes, SubRosa Cyber Solutions believes two fundamental aspects of healthcare will never change:


    1. Patient safety and protection of patient information is paramount.


    2. Healthcare’s reliance on technology will never dissipate.


    SubRosa Cyber Solutions’ in-depth understanding of today’s healthcare challenges will assist your organization in defining and quantifying its cyber risk profile. Whatever your organization, we understand the unique challenges you face and can assist you in protecting your most sensitive information assets and maintain compliance whilst operating within the regulatory environment.


    The entertainment industry faces unique challenges due to the extreme variety of its industry.


    For casinos, resorts and hotel chains worldwide, the market is booming but highly competitive. Combined with tight margins and outdated technology, the need for entertainment and hospitality providers to increase their cybersecurity is becoming increasingly more essential.


    Cyber-attacks pose a significant threat to confidential customer data, financial data and business operations and are particularly dangerous for organizations who are dependent upon technology to carry out their mission.


    SubRosa Cyber Solutions team of experts understands the challenges faced by entertainment and hospitality providers and can help you reduce the risk of loss attributed to cyber-attacks and poor security practices across your enterprise.


  • Travel and Transportation

    Cybersecurity for travel and logistics companies is paramount. With global networks and a heavy reliance on technology for operations and safety, cybersecurity has never been more of an important consideration for transportation organizations.


    The transportation industry has experienced multiple breaches resulting in a scepticism of travel consumers in regard to how the management of cybersecurity may impact them.


    Whether you are an airline, rail company or logistics provider, SubRosa Cyber Solutions understands the regulatory and cybersecurity risks posed to your organization and can assist you in discovering and managing them.


  • Manufacturing and Commerce

    The manufacturing and commerce industries are fraught with operational and regulatory risks, loss, theft, cybersecurity and political unrest across a global supply chain. These risks are often responsible for a production halt, costing organizations’ and their partners millions of dollars.


    With the emergence of new technologies both as a deliverable and within the supply chain, the manufacturing industry has never been at higher risk of cyber-attack.


    SubRosa Cyber Solutions specializes in both supply-chain risk and risks posed by technologies used in manufacturing can help your organization build and maintain its information security program. Protecting your supply chain from cyber-related disruption and better securing your information assets from loss, attributed to cyber security incidents.


  • eCommerce

    eCommerce over the last 10 years has seen a rapid increase in cyber-attacks.


    Building infrastructures to host and manage eCommerce websites is now cheaper and easier than ever. However, due to the low cost and ease of use, security challenges are often overlooked by eCommerce organizations.


    eCommerce is not exempt from the risks faced by other industries, particularly in smaller to mid-sized organizations. Payment processing, supply chain risk, inventory management, website design and website hosting are areas posing potential risks to eCommerce businesses.


    Dependence upon third-parties for payment processing and web hosting drastically increases the risk of exposure, particularly if vendors are not managed effectively.


    SubRosa Cyber Solutions understands the challenges and risks faced by eCommerce businesses, and our consultants can help you identify organizational cybersecurity risks to help you scale in an effective and secure manner.


  • Energy & Power

    Exploited vulnerabilities within power and energy companies can have dire consequences and have the potential to impact millions of people.


    Aging infrastructure, terrorism, insider threats and environmental events cause severe interruptions to supply and operation systems. With an increasing political and regulatory environment, energy and power providers are being scrutinized now, more than ever. With the potential for catastrophic consequences, cybersecurity must be managed by experts, at all levels of the enterprise.


    SubRosa Cyber Solutions understands the risks posed by aging technologies, supply chain and personnel operating within the large, multifaceted organizations making up the energy & power sector. Our scalable solutions can assist your organization in reducing and managing its cybersecurity risk while minimizing impact to operations and protecting you against the vast array of threats facing your organization.



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