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Why Incident Detection Should be a Priority For Businesses

Why Incident Detection Should be a Priority For Businesses

Cyber incident detection and response should be your top priority. Why? Because of the proliferation of internet-connected devices and the increase of data breaches worldwide. The time is now to prioritize incident detection and response no matter what size of your company. Every business is at risk and the better prepared you are, the more likely you won’t be destroyed by a cyber-attack.

The Real Problem with Data Breaches.

Data breaches themselves aren’t the only problem. It is often the time it takes to deal with a breach that causes the most damage. According to “110 Must-Know Cybersecurity Statistics for 2020” by Varonis, on average, it takes 191 days to detect a breach and 66 days to contain one. That is a lot of time for individual or company data to be compromised and used nefariously.

The same article notes that security breaches have increased 11% since 2018 and that the US will account for 50% of all breached data by 2023. All of these statistics are alarming and make the case for a proper incident detection and response plan. Your company can avert becoming a statistic by preparing and planning for all types of data breaches or security incidents. Make it a priority in 2020.

Why an Incident Response Plan Can Help?

As a company, having an incident detection and response plan makes good sense because it sets you and your team up for success. It also aligns everyone on the same page. A good plan will define what constitutes a breach, the responsibilities for assessing the breach, the tools for managing the breach, the steps that need to be taken to address the incident, how to further investigate if necessary, and how and when to comply with notification requirements following a breach.

The incident plan will ensure that your whole team knows what is expected when faced with a security incident. Also, having a plan that you can present to customers or clients will establish a solid reputation. Customers will know that you take their data seriously by having a plan to protect it. Additionally, companies in the healthcare, legal and payment industry have to meet compliance requirements that include an incident detection and response plan.

A solid plan will also help save you time. The cyber incident or security breach will be caught quicker than the average and the plan can be enacted immediately, getting your systems back up quicker, and therefore, reducing downtime.

Are You Ready to Make Cyber Incident Detection and Response Part of Your Strategy?

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