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Preserve your data integrity.

SubRosa’s computer forensics professionals provide assistance throughout the course of a digital forensics investigation or litigation, regardless of the volume or location of data sources. To conduct investigations into charges of fraud, financial manipulation, computer crime, employee misbehavior, and other misdeeds, corporations, law firms, and government agencies must follow digital trails to piece together the evidence that leads to the truth.

SubRosa’s computer forensics experts can assist you with the most difficult and sensitive investigative or litigation issues requiring electronic evidence or data preservation.

Preserve your data.

In the case of an inquiry or lawsuit, SubRosa provides cost-effective and legal methods to discover and preserve electronic data.

Secure collection.

To obtain data for electronic inquiry and forensic analysis (or forensic discovery), SubRosa uses forensically sound, best-practice methodologies.

Recover your data.

SubRosa’s digital forensics professionals evaluate the digital evidence left behind to accurately unearth important information.

Leverage expertise.

Our computer forensics experts have the skills and credentials to act as expert witnesses in litigation and court proceedings.

additional services

Incident response.

SubRosa is able to respond to a security incident, event, or network-type intrusion when they happen. SubRosa does a scope assessment with the client, then comes up with a plan for getting data from a variety of sources and devices. When SubRosa gets the data it needs, it starts to do forensic analysis and investigation to get a full picture of a security breach and figure out what happened at the time. SubRosa then looks at the analysis data and forensic artifacts to see if there are any more threats. The goal is to help the client contain the threats and start the remediation process. SubRosa is still available to help clients figure out where their security posture fell short and how to avoid future incidents or attacks.

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