Maintaining an effective information security program can be a challenging
and unpredictable endeavor. SubRosa employs a diverse skillset of consultants to enable our clients to meet the most challenging of security demands - at a moment’s notice. Some of our niche abilities include:





Vendor Risk Management


Small Business-Specific Solutions

Penetration Testing

SubRosa’s assessment and exploitation team derive their skill sets from an extensive tenure in Cyber Network Operations and are recruited from the U.S. military and government backgrounds.


This unique skill set separates SubRosa’s penetration testing from its peers. SubRosa provides penetration testing across all domains, including network, application, mobile, physical and personnel (social engineering).


Risk Management

Threats to organizations’ information go far beyond the abilities of everyday computer hackers. For organizations to react to various threat actors, it is essential they become aware of the risks posed to them. Enterprise Risk Management provides organizations with this unique capability.


SubRosa Cyber Solutions utilizes its extensive experience with industry best practices and sophisticated security and compliance frameworks to conduct accurate risk assessments for clients. For more information on our risk and consulting services, please contact us.


Training and Education

SubRosa Cyber Solutions leverages its extensive expertise to deliver a varied range of training to its clients. Whether it’s annual security awareness training, or topic-specific information security training SubRosa Cyber Solutions has a number of pre-built training courses that we can provide at one of our facilitated locations, or at your location.


Additionally, our video-based monthly security awareness training, tracked by our Learning Management System, enables your organization to provide your staff with continuous training without the overhead of in-person instruction. Click here to find out more about SubRosa’s Learning Management System.

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