cyber awareness training

Train your workforce and security teams to defend against cyber attacks. Security defenses start and end with your personnel. An effective, consistent security program will help better protect your organization.

service overview

Stay cyber aware.

Through our “single pane of glass” cyber awareness training portal, you can test with phishing, train those who need it, and then retest, all on a fully managed monthly basis.

simulated attacks

Real threats, without the real consequences.

Simulated social engineering campaigns behave exactly as a real threat actor would. Tailored attack payloads and platform means that your users are targeted with content that a real attacker may use, over platforms appropriate to their role.

train your workforce

Train and re-train, in real time.

Cyber awareness training and remedial training modules are all built into the platform. Meaning awareness training can be delivered immediately after testing, to ensure that security topics and remedial assignments are at the forefront of your people’s minds.

performance tracking

Manage cyber awareness training, delivery and testing.

Track cyber awareness training attendance and pass/failure rate across your enterprise, with built in analytics and reporting.

need more?

Additional training solutions.

Incident response.

Gain real-world knowledge of cyber threats to better prepare your incident response teams to deal with cyber-attacks:

Tailored training programs to fit your business size, industry and resources.

Tabletop and simulation-based exercises to train your incident response resources.

Bespoke training.

Train specific resources or teams on niche, specialized topics and test to validate training effectiveness. Features include:

Specify topic, content and method of delivery (in person, virtual, LMS etc.)

Implement a range of testing options to validate that training has been effective.

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