cybersecurity compliance assessments

Cybersecurity compliance assessments enable you to gain detailed insights into your security program effectiveness through a comprehensive analysis of your organization, benchmarked against a specific regulation or contractual requirement.

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Federal law, industry regulations and compliance standards can be a complex maze to navigate. Maintaining compliance is impacted by an ever-changing threat landscape and constantly evolving rules and regulations.

Compliance is critical to any effective security program. While achieving compliance is an accomplishment, the “single point in time” nature of compliance means that maintenance requires consistent attention, making it difficult to sustain a consistent compliance posture.

34% of healthcare breaches stem from a failure to adhere to compliance requirements.

What it is.

A cybersecurity compliance assessment is an interview and evidence gathering-based assessment that benchmarks your security program against a specific regulation or framework, such as ISO 27001.

Why it matters.

The regulatory landscape surrounding cybersecurity is rapidly expanding. Organization’s will soon find themselves being held to compliance standards by their clients, partners and regulatory authorities.

How it can help you.

Getting ahead of the compliance curve will help you to strengthen your overall security posture, while bolstering your relationships with your clients, partners all while satisfying regulatory requirements.

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Compliance assessment overview.

Executive summary.

A board-reportable executive summary, enabling you to effectively demonstrate and communicate your compliance strengths and areas of opportunity to non-technical members of your organization.

Compliance assessment report.

The comprehensive report detailing all areas of noncompliance. Detailed summaries of all tests and control frameworks used will be provided as well as remediation recommendations.

Gap analysis.

A visual overview of domain-by-domain areas of noncompliance and compliance to your chosen framework. Can be presented qualitatively or qualitatively.

Remediation plan.

Provides detailed recommendations and actions to be taken in order to achieve (and maintain) compliance. Includes suggested timelines and priority-based remediation.

Navigate the regulatory landscape.

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