Cybersecurity For media

The media and entertainment business is a huge hype train driven rollercoaster that everyone wants to ride. Film aficionados are constantly alert for new movie releases and experience a disappointing letdown if they miss another episode of a beloved new show. Video production firms are now more busy than ever developing fresh material, with the COVID lockdowns pushing millions to submerge themselves further in the digital realm, creating a bigger need for media that is entertaining to watch at home.

In an ideal world, it everything blends perfectly. However, there is an element that puts a wrench in the works. Cybercriminals conceive of the whole film and media frenzy as a chance to enhance their nasty agenda and rake in money through theft of intellectual property and ransom.

Why invest in cybersecurity for media and entertainment?

The theft of intellectual property, films and major television programs prior to their official release has seen a sharp increase in recent years. Including the Sony Pictures hack in 2014 (see Business Insider’s chronology for more information). Industry participants become more aware of the danger that malicious hackers pose to their organizations as a result of this. Many media and entertainment leaders place a great priority on the security of high-value assets, whether they are stored on the cloud or on their company’s premises. This generally pertains to material that is available before a show’s official release.

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