Cybersecurity for travel
and transportation

Cybersecurity for Travel and Transportation companies is paramount. With global networks and a heavy reliance on technology for operations and safety, cybersecurity for travel and transportation companies has never been more of an important consideration.

The transportation industry has experienced multiple breaches resulting in a skepticism of travel consumers in regard to how the management of cybersecurity may impact them.

Whether you are an airline, rail company or logistics provider, cybersecurity for travel and transportation should not be overlooked. SubRosa understands the regulatory and cybersecurityrisks posed to your organization and can assist you in discovering and managing them.

What makes a transportation company a target?

There are several reasons why transportation companies might be a target for cyber attacks. For example, transportation companies often have a large amount of sensitive data, such as customer information and financial records, that can be valuable to attackers. Additionally, transportation companies often rely on complex and interconnected systems, such as logistics and supply chain management systems, that can be vulnerable to attack. Furthermore, the disruptions caused by a cyber attack on a transportation company can have far-reaching consequences, making them an attractive target for attackers who want to cause widespread damage.

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