Vulnerability assessment services

service overview

Manage your vulnerability landscape.

SubRosa’s vulnerability assessment services methodically analyze your security flaws across your company. We examine if your systems are susceptible to any known vulnerabilities, give severity levels to those vulnerabilities, and offer remedy or mitigation, if and whenever appropriate.

Vulnerability assessment services types.

Network vulnerability assessments.

Running vulnerability assessments against your network devices such as endpoints, servers and mobile devices.

Email vulnerability assessments.

We evaluate your organization’s personnel vulnerabilities and their risk of compromise via email.

Application vulnerability assessments.

We identify vulnerabilities in web apps and using the OWASP top 10 web application vulnerabilities framework.

Database vulnerability assessments.

Database vulnerability assessments identify rogue databases or insecure dev/test environments.

Benefits of vulnerability assessment services.


Addressing new vulnerabilities.

Hackers are continually coming up with new ways to get into company networks and steal data. SubRosa’s security testing team keeps up with the newest advancements in information security by regularly monitoring new vulnerabilities and scanning tool database upgrades.


IoT and modern solutions are at greater risk of exposing vulnerabilities.

Integrated solutions that exist in combination with one other may undermine the protection of all the other systems linked to it. SubRosa’s security testing team looks at the process of vulnerability assessment from multiple viewpoints and appraise the security of all the potential pathways the attackers may use to get into complicated systems.


Securing changes to your environment.

Changes to your network and application environments may introduce new vulnerabilities. So, following each major update or release, SubRosa’s security experts will conduct a vulnerability assessment to ensure that the changes you make do not create new avenues for attackers to exploit your infrastructure.


Confirm the state of your security controls.

SubRosa’s assessment team can help you establish how successfully your internal and external defenses identify, restrict and resist current threats.

Our vulnerability assessment frameworks and methodologies.

OWASP Top 10 Application Security Risks.

The Industry standard vulnerability assessment framework for web applications.

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OWASP Mobile Application Security Risks.

OWASP vulnerability assessment classification framework for mobile applications.

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Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS).

Captures the characteristics of a vulnerability and produces a numerical score

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Vulnerability assessment methodologies.


Automated vulnerability scanning.

To commence the vulnerability assessment process, SubRosa’s testing team employ automated scanning technologies that include databases, which contain known technological vulnerabilities and allow us to analyze your company’s susceptibility to them. The key benefit of the automated technique is that it is not time-consuming and guarantees a wide coverage of security holes possibly occurring in a variety of devices or hosts on the network.


Manual vulnerability scanning.

Manual vulnerability testing leverages both open source vulnerability libraries such as CVE, and involves the team tuning and leveraging their automated tools to manually verify and validate the legitimacy of any discovered vulnerabilities.

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