managed security operations center (SOC)

A Managed SOC, or SOC as a service can enable you to gain unparalleled visibility into who is attacking your network, applications and infrastructure.

service overview

Why having a managed SOC matters.

With a managed SOC, you can quickly collect, aggregate, analyze and respond to security incidents in real-time.

Threat actors don’t rest and neither does our managed SOC. Our platform is based on proactive techniques that are built on machine learning, so they are adaptive, constantly improving, and always ready to identify the latest threats. Machine Learning means intelligence and “constant evolution” to empower you to uncover and respond to threats and anomalous behavior.

With SubRosa as your managed SOC partner, you’ll get all the capabilities of a next-generation managed SOC without the cost and headache of managing one yourself. Our round-the-clock service includes agent-based response, asset discovery, vulnerability assessment, intrusion detection, behavioral monitoring, log management, and cloud-based SIEM (security information and event management) to protect your on-premise network, cloud services, SaaS applications, and confidential data.


Fast response.

The SOC team monitor your environment 24/7. Meaning detection and response times can be reduced to minutes, not hours and days.

Industry expertise.

We employ industry leading analysts to do the analysis and heavy lifting for you. View alerts and cases knowing you’re backed by the experts.

Always on.

Our SOC is always on, so you don’t have to be. You can be confident that during your off-hours, your systems are being monitored and protected.

Detect and protect with SubRosa’s Managed SOC.


Monitor your environment, in real-time.

24×7 monitoring of your environment enables you to effectively prioritize and respond to incidents of all kinds. Our software identifies all attack types, including Zero-day attacks that your network may suffer from.


Reduce threat detection and incident response costs.

Most small to mid-sized organizations do not have the capital to purchase the necessary software and employ the round-the-clock expertise needed to effectively monitor their environments real-time. A cost that can run into the millions of dollars annually.


Effectively manage your security incidents.

Event correlation and analysis means that you only see the events that matter. With SubRosa’s incident response team on hand to assist, you will be able to effectively reduce false positives and better manage the costs surrounding threat detection and incident response.

Why employ a Managed SOC solution.

Advanced security infrastructure.

From regulatory compliance, business continuity to risk management. The SubRosa Managed SOC can cover it all.

Detailed event correlation.

Integrating data from all detection agents helps eliminate false positives, enabling you to allocate your resources to the real threats.

Track and maintain compliance.

With reporting for ISO, PCI, HIPAA, SOX and other standards, the SubRosa managed SOC can help you maintain compliance.

Real-time system monitoring.

Identify zero-day attacks and anomalous behavior. Respond to and stop attacks before they do harm to your systems and data.

Gain unparalleled oversight.

Identify hidden threats, anomalous behavior and trends across networks of any size. Respond quickly, and efficiently.

Broad integration compatibility.

the SubRosa managed SOC is compatible with over 1,000 network components, servers and operating systems.

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