Network penetration testing

Network penetration testing identifies and exploits vulnerabilities on your external and internal network through authenticated and unauthenticated penetration testing. We will place our testers at a pre-defined location on your network, and attempt to perform scans, exploits and other activities in line with our pre-defined objectives.

service overview

Identify avenues of attack.

Harden your critical assets.

Cyber criminals are attacking your networks, applications and people on a daily basis. Statistically speaking, almost every organization will have an attempted attack made against them, whether they realize it or not.

Network penetration testing is a simulated attack on your external or internal network. Through network penetration testing, you will be able to identify your vulnerabilities, known exploits and gain a holistic and detailed view of your avenues of attack and the approach an attacker might take when attempting to gain access to your data through your network.

Meet your risk and compliance objectives.

Understand your attack surface.

Identify exploitable vulnerabilities across your internal and external network. From self hosted to cloud internal/external/wireless: we have you covered.

Enhanced security expertise.

SubRosa’s experts have years of penetration testing experience, including deep familiarity with insider and external threat actors operate.

Meet compliance requirements.

With tests built specifically in support of compliance needs, SubRosa can help define and execute tests that meet complex compliance requirements.

Prioritize remediation.

SubRosa’s team will walk you through the process used to replicate successful exploits, as well as help you prioritize risk-driven remediation efforts.

Why perform network penetration testing.


Understand your attack vectors.

Gain a better understanding of the types of attacks that you may face and the potential impact of these attacks, so that you can develop more effective defenses and response strategies.


Demonstrate security effectiveness.

Demonstrate to stakeholders, such as customers and investors, that you take security seriously and are proactive in protecting their data and systems.


Test existing network security solutions.

Evaluate the effectiveness of your existing network security measures and identify any areas where they may be lacking, in order to improve your overall security posture.

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