Penetration testing from the industry experts in Cleveland, Ohio

Premium penetration testing services, from Ohio’s boutique, penetration testing and cybersecurity company. Understand your company’s vulnerabilities, avenues of attack, and protect your most critical data.

Full-service penetration testing solutions.

Network penetration testing.

An internal authenticated, or external unauthenticated test to identify and exploit vulnerabilities; identifying potential avenues of attack internally and externally.

Application security testing.

Identify vulnerabilities in your web applications that could lead to unauthorized data exposure and service downtime.

Social engineering.

Social Engineering testing will identify vulnerabilities in your personnel, policies, procedures and test the effectiveness of your security awareness training.

Physical penetration testing.

Identify, test and manage your points of possible attacks on your infrastructure, through physical penetration testing.

Wireless penetration testing.

Identify vulnerabilities on your wireless networks that can enable an attacker to exploit vulnerabilities and pivot to other network segments.

Why pick SubRosa?

Fast response.

Our profiling and penetration testing teams are all drawn from former military or government background and hold a variety of certifications from establishments such as Offensive Security, EC Council and the DoD.

Industry expertise.

Whether you are a small business or large enterprise, our pricing structure is designed to meet your needs and be highly competitors with the alternatives you may face.

Always on.

Detailed reporting and risk analysis ensures that you not only receive the test results, but a comprehensive analysis, roadmap and remediation guidance.

Always on.

We are a global company located in Cleveland, Ohio. Our US-based team are here to serve you 24/7.

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