Small and mid-sized businesses often believe themselves to be immune to potential security breaches. However, all companies or organizations are at risk and must take measures to secure their information.


62% of small businesses have suffered from security breaches, with attack reparations requiring on average $700,000. Because of the costly nature of cyber-attacks, over half of small businesses that have experienced an attack, are unable to financially sustain operations beyond six months.





Why SubRosa?


SubRosa Cyber Solutions believe all businesses should have an opportunity to grow; we are passionate about protecting all businesses. SubRosa Cyber Solutions has developed a comprehensive proprietary small-mid sized business solution, designed specifically for organizations who do not have the capability for full-time information security resources. We are available 24/7 to build your program, train your staff and handle any incidents that may occur, so you can confidently run your business knowing your information is secure.

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