SubRosa’s Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) helps your small or medium-sized organization tackle threats and maintain its information security program


Almost 50% of cyber-attacks are made against small and mid-sized businesses

Despite this number, only 14% of small and medium-sized business owners claim to have a solid handle on their information security.

SubRosa’s vCISO helps your small or medium-sized organization to tackle this threat.


60% of small and medium-sized businesses who suffer a breach, close within six months

The impacts of cyber-attacks on small and medium-sized businesses can be devastating, as many of those businesses are unable to sustain the costs of a breach. As a result, over half of small and medium-sized business cyber-attack victims cease operations within six months of a breach.

A subscription-based approach to consultancy services


SubRosa Cyber Solutions offers an affordable, subscription-based approach to information security services that is tailored to our small and medium-sized business clients, ensuring that their information security needs are accommodated and that costs are predictable and transparent.

Benefits of the SubRosa vCISO

Transparent Costs

The vCISO subscription-based model enables SubRosa Cyber Solutions to ensure that your regular services and bespoke needs can be serviced all for one fee.


Defined Scope

With a clear scope and transparent pricing, you will know the services you are entitled to on a monthly and yearly basis.


Fast Response Times

With response SLAs ranging from 12 – 72 hours, your dedicated SubRosa Cyber Solutions account manager will be available to respond to your needs in short order.



Scalable Solutions

Our tiered structure of services enables your organization to add and remove services as your business needs evolve.


Incident Response

With built-in consultancy hours, you don’t need to worry about call-out fees and additional costs for those unplanned incidents. SubRosa Cyber Solutions will be there to help.


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