Vendor Risk Management enables organizations to assess supply-chain risk and the potential impact on business operations in line with their organizational risk tolerance. The process of Vendor Risk Management enables organizations to assess, monitor and manage the risks posed to them by their third-party vendors.


Today’s business environment is increasingly globalized and supplier-reliant and Third Parties are becoming an increasingly major source of breaches of regulated data. Tightened regulations mean that organizations are susceptible to be liable for the security controls and actions of their third parties.





Why SubRosa?


SubRosa Cyber Solutions’ vendor risk management program is a fully scalable, proven framework that can be quickly implemented to enable you to begin assessing the risks posed to your organization. Our staff can be deployed anywhere in the world to begin representing your organization to your vendors to develop your risk picture.


For larger enterprises, SubRosa Cyber Solutions works closely with our partners and clients to implement vendor risk management tools to better assist organizations to manage their vendor cybersecurity risk.


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